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Nikon @

FENS 2018

Lug 7 – 11 CityCube Berlin, Germany Booth 124

See deeper with Nikon @ FENS 2018

Visit Nikon at Booth 124 and discover how you can improve your results by imaging deeper, faster in high resolution.

Microscopy is a central tool for Neuroscience research. From fast imaging of firing synapses to deep imaging in cleared brain tissue, Nikon’s microscopy platforms can support your research needs. During FENS 2018 Nikon will be showcasing our latest solutions for deep tissue imaging and fast live cell confocal imaging.

Whether you are working on cleared tissue or live cell imaging, you can visit us to see how our confocal solutions can be adapted and combined to image fast and deep, setting new standards in neuroscience research.


Systems on display



Nikon’s new A1RHD confocal allows for 1Kx1K resonant imaging with outstanding image quality, allowing fast processes like following erythrocyte flow and studying calcium sparks with high amounts of detail. Combined with Nikon’s powerful acquisition and analysis software package NIS Elements, all your research needs can be perfectly addressed.






Combined with Nikon’s Ti2 inverted microscope, CrEST V2 L-FOV spinning disk system makes full use of the large 25mm FOV of the Ti2, allowing fast and gentle imaging of your live cell samples. 







Nikon’s recently released CFI90 20xC Glycerine objective comes with an impressive 8.2mm working distance combined with an N.A. of 1.00 for clear, high-contrast images deep inside tissue.




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Nikon Welcomes you!


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