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Coolscope, DS-5M & DS-5Mc

Coolscope, DS-5M & DS-5Mc

novembre 6, 2007

Important Service Advisory on Coolscope, DS-5M & DS-5Mc

We would like to thank all Nikon customers for their continued support and custom and trust that you gain a truly excellent experience in product performance and customer care.

In order to maintain our commitment to ensure maximum satisfaction we would like to announce that during rigorous testing we have discovered an intermittent fault with the CCD which may affect a minority of Coolscope, DS-5M and DS-5Mc’s.

May we take this moment to reassure customers who have purchased these products that the issue is related only to the quality of the image and that there is no danger to the user. We would also like to state that the problem has been rectified for products purchased after 1st April 2006.

We have instigated this announcement because we realize that the listed equipment is used for applications which require immediate sample analysis and understand the importance of obtaining the very best quality images. For customers using the listed equipment in applications which require critical decisions we would advise that they arrange for a replacement, regardless of the problem being present or not.

A faulty CCD may show the following issues:

• Images show an extraordinary strong color tint
• Images demonstrate distorted lines
• No image is displayed, presenting a black screen

Should your system exhibit any of the above we would in the first instance advise checking some of the connections and display settings on your monitor and also seek the assistance of your local Nikon service department.

Should the problem still persist, we would like to reassure all owners that Nikon will replace the related parts free of charge even if the warranty period is expired. For full details or any assistance please contact your nearest official Nikon dealer.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter.

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