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Model Dimensions Weight (g)*
T-BPA Photo Adapter 215
Y-T TV Tube 350
Y-TV 0.55X TV Tube 300
C-DA C-Mount Adapter 180
C-0.55X DS Relay Lens 300
C-0.7X DXM Relay Lens 155
C-Mount Adapter 0.35X 300
C-Mount Adapter 0.45X 620
C-Mount Adapter 0.6X 650
C-Mount TV Relay Lens VM2.5X 165
C-Mount TV Relay Lens VM4X 338
DS-F2.5 F-Mount Adapter 2.5X 200
DS-F F-Mount Adapter 80
C-TAQ Tube Adapter for Quadrocular Tube 100
C-TAQ2 Tube Adapter for Quadrocular Tube 100
TI-BDTV2 F-TV Tube for F-Mount Adapter 100
TI2-P-CCA C-Mount Adapter with Centering Tool 350
LV-TV Tube Adapter 200

* Approximately

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