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Nikon Launches MICROSCOPY U, an Online Source of Education and Inspiration for Microscope Users

noviembre 9, 2000

Nikon has launched a completely new kind of website, designed to create community, provide education and offer inspiration to microscope users around the globe. MICROSCOPY U, which is accessible at or via the Nikon website, offers an array of interactive tutorials designed to elevate the user's understanding and mastery of microscopy and photomicrography techniques. It also...


Nikon's Digital Eclipse DXM1200: High Resolution Color Digital Camera Delivers Up to 12 Megapixel Images

noviembre 6, 2000

Microscopists who have been asking for a color digital camera that offers a resolution nearly equal to film will welcome the new Nikon DXM1200. Nikon, long known for its high quality cameras and microscopes, has introduced this groundbreaking digital camera as an easy-to-use, inexpensive tool for applications where users need to document and present their research findings.Designed to meet the...


Nikon Offers EPI-Fluorescence Illuminator for Eclipse E200 Microscope

noviembre 5, 2000

Nikon has introduced a dedicated epi-fluorescence illuminator for its Eclipse E200 biological microscope. The newly developed epi-fluorescence illuminator mounts between the E200 main body and eyepiece tube, uses 50 watt mercury illumination, and is ideal for basic fluorescence observation. In addition, the illuminator is capable of handling many of the latest techniques, including green fluore...


FDA Approves Nikon Micromanipulating Equipment For Assisted Reproduction Methods Including In-Vitro Fertilization

octubre 19, 2000

Nikon announces that it has been granted FDA approval to market its instrumentation intended for use in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and related assisted reproduction technology (ART) procedures. These procedures include gamate intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), embryo transfer (ET), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and other assisted fertility techniques.Nikon Instruments Inc. offers a com...


Nikon Introduces SMZ1500 Stereo Microscope with Highest Optical Performance, Largest Zoom Range Available

julio 28, 2000

Microscope users can prepare to bring new things to light when they peer into the Nikon SMZ1500 stereo microscope. The microscope delivers exceptionally clear, bright, true images, unparalleled ergonomics, the largest zoom range available (15x), and a host of features and benefits so unique, there are six patents pending. World's largest zoom ratio, superb optical performance The culmination o...


Nikon Introduces Video Measuring Instruments With High Speed, High Accuracy, High Intelligence

julio 10, 2000

Nikon now offers a series of video measuring products designed to offer easier operation, faster throughput rates, advanced functions such as comprehensive 3D surface analysis, and new software to improve workflow. Nikon's new NEXIV video measuring system is designed to be the fastest, smartest and most accurate family of video measuring products available.NEXIV instruments offer through-the-l...


Nikon Sells 300mm Semiconductor Inspection Stations

mayo 18, 2000

Nikon Inc., Microelectronics Systems Department today announced a multimillion-dollar sale of comprehensive semiconductor inspection workstations to one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world.The multi-unit sale involves Nikon's most advanced 300-millimeter integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing inspection workstations, the Optistation-7 Wafer Inspection Systems. Multiple systems will be...


Nikon Introduces Reduced-Halo Phase Contrast Technique - Makes Unstained Living Cellular Structures Clearly Visible

mayo 8, 2000

Nikon now offers a new series of objectives designed to markedly reduce the halos that occur in phase objects that are observed using conventional phase contrast microscopy. Designed for use with Nikon's recently introduced TS 100 inverted microscopes, the new ADL objectives allow clear visualization of fine detail that was never before visible within living cells.Using a patent-pending process...


Nikon Eclipse E200 Microscope Offers Brightest, Easiest, Most Versatile Imaging to Help Build Veterinary Practices

mayo 8, 2000

With new developments in testing, on-premises labs can be a great practice-building investment for today's veterinarian. Now, Nikon has introduced the Eclipse E200 -- an easy to use, affordable, ultra-versatile new microscope that can help build veterinary practices. Because of its high optical quality and its extraordinary ease of use, doctors and technicians can now easily handle more, and mo...


Research Grant Brings Neurobiologist To Woods Hole Laboratory

mayo 8, 2000

Nikon Inc., and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, have named a scholar in the field of neurobiology as the recipient of the prestigious Year 2000 Nikon Inc./MBL Research Fellowship.Dr. Peter Saggau, of the Division of Neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, is this year's fellowship recipient. Dr. Saggau's work finds direct applications i...


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