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Nikon @

MMC 2017

Jul 3 – 6 Manchester Central, UK Booth 723

Discover the all new Eclipse Ti2 @ MMC 2017

Visit Nikon at MMC, Booth 723 and join a demonstration and discover more imaging possibilities

The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2017 conference will take place in Manchester, UK, July 3-6, 2017. In 2017, the Microscience Microscopy Congress is set to be as big and as bold as ever with six parallel conference sessions, an exhibition with more than 100 companies represented, and a brilliant selection of features such as pre-event workshops and turn-up-and-learn training opportunities.

Nikon Instruments are proud to present the Ti2, the all-new inverted microscope platform for advanced imaging

See more than before! 

During the meeting, Nikon will also present the following workshops:

Hands-Free Conditional Imaging: Creating Custom Unattended Experiments

Tuesday 4th July, 16:30-17:00 (Workshop Room 3)
Wednesday 5th July, 16:30-17:00 (Workshop Room 2)


Use of single-molecule TIRF to reveal the dynamics of molecular motors

Wednesday 5th July, 16:00-16:30 (Workshop Room 3)


To register for a demo or any future Nikon event, please contact us at


Featured Products

  • New Eclipse Ti2 Series Inverted Microscope


    Nikon’s newest and most advanced inverted microscope offering unprecedented FOV imaging capacity.

    • Accelerate your research with ultra-wide 25mm FOV
    • Accessible back-aperture for TIRF laser alignment
    • Perfect-Step Z-drive for precision stacking
    • Super-stable platform for nanoscale imaging
    • 4th Generation Perfect Focus System (PFS)
    • Intelligent Features and Assist Guide for Guided Workflow
    • Automatic Correction Collar for Perfect PSFs
  • A1R+ Confocal System with Enhanced Resolution


    Confocal system with high-speed resonant scanner for capturing dynamic events, GaAsP detectors for enhanced sensitivity, and new ER module for enhanced confocal resolution.

    • High-speed resonant scanner for capturing dynamic events
    • GaAsP detectors for enhanced sensitivity
    • ER module to enhance confocal resolution
  • Ni-E Upright Microscope

    Ni-E Upright Microscope

    Using core technology from Nikon's renowned Eclipse Ti inverted research microscope, the Ni-E offers versatile multi-mode system expandability to suit a vast range of imaging possibilities.

    The proprietary "stratum structure" design and expandable infinity space enables the addition of multiple turrets, detectors, laser inputs and other accessories.

    The Ni-E is also configurable for multiphoton imaging, as well as fixed-stage configurations to meet the demands of neuroscience applications.

    • Maximum System Expandability
    • Advanced Motorization
    • Improved Optical Performance
    • Powerful Digital Imaging Capabilities
    • New, Streamlined Design


  • N-SIM E Super-Resolution Microscope System

    N-SIM E Super-Resolution Microscope System

    Utilizing structured illumination microscopy (SIM) technology, the all-new N-SIM E realizes double the spatial resolution of conventional optical microscopes (to approximately 115 nm). N-SIM E is a streamlined, affordable super-resolution system supporting only essential, commonly used excitation wavelengths and imaging modes, making it an obvious choice for individual labs.

    • Double the Resolution of Conventional Optical Microscopes
    • Fast Temporal Resolution of Approx. 1 sec/frame
    • Axial Super-High Resolution Imaging with 3D-SIM Mode
    • 3-color Multi-Laser Super-Resolution Capability



  • SMZ25 Research Stereo Microscope

    SMZ25 Research Stereo Microscope

    Nikon’s SMZ25 stereomicroscope combines macro and micro imaging in one instrument for convenient viewing and manipulation of single cells to whole organisms. Using Nikon’s Perfect Zoom System optical technology, the SMZ25 achieves the world’s first 25:1 zoom and high NA for superior resolution never before seen with a stereomicroscope.

    • "Perfect Zoom System" Offers New Levels of Imaging Power and Versatility
    • World's Largest Zoom Range Enables High Resolution Macro to Micro Imaging
    • Auto Link Zoom (ALZ) Provides Seamless Viewing at Different Magnifications
    • Brighter and Higher Contrast Epi-fluorescence Imaging
    • Improved-Signal-to-Noise Ratios
    • Advanced Motorization and Digital Imaging Capabilities
    • Wide Range of Available Accessories



  • Eclipse Ts2R Inverted Research Microscope

    Eclipse Ts2R Inverted Research Microscope

    The Eclipse Ts2R is a compact inverted research microscope that is configurable with a wide variety of observation methods. The broad range of observation methods, smaller body and improved ease of use will directly benefit research laboratories and improve workflow. 

    • Diascopic Illumination and Diascopic/Epi-fluorescence Illumination Models
    • Easy to Work With
    • Versatile Observation with LED Illuminator
    • Compact Body Streamlines Your Work
    • High Performance and Quality Optical Accessories


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