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LU-NV Laser Unit

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First-of-a-kind solid-state laser system eliminates the need for calibration or alignment, resulting in reduced downtime, and increased consistency and efficiency.

Nikon's LU-NV Laser System from all angles (0:20)

A breakthrough in microscope laser technology, the LU-NV is Nikon’s new solid state laser system, requiring no calibration or alignment. Flexible enough to bridge multiple imaging applications, the system accommodates up to eight laser lines and five fiber outputs. The patented monolithic laser combiner guarantees permanent alignment and maximum laser throughput. Standard configurations are equipped with a single AOTF and actuators to switch between output fibers. Optional accessories such as a beam-splitter, second AOTF, fast actuator and direct laser-coupled fibers provide users the ultimate in flexibility and complexity in laser-based imaging.

Key Features

Complex Monolithic Optical Combiner Eliminates the Need for Laser Adjustment

Complex Monolithic Optical Combiner

Complex Monolithic Optical Combiners are stand-alone optical assemblies that are created when multiple discreet optics are permanently bonded together to form a single pre-aligned beam combiner.

These assemblies eliminate the need for mechanical mounts and fixtures, minimize the number of air interfaces, and result in efficient and stable laser combining.

Up to 8 Laser Lines Covers the Entire Spectrum of Typical Wavelengths

With 8 wavelengths to choose from, you can easily customize the LU-NV to fit your imaging needs including applications such as photo-stimulation, STORM, and FRET. 

Available wavelengths: 405nm, 445nm 488nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm, 594nm, 640nm, and 647nm

Multiple Fiber Outputs Mean Less Investment in Multiple Laser Units for Multi-mode Microscopes

  • The LU-NV permits the installation of up to 5 output fibers, which are coupled to the CMO assembly.
  • Additionally, up to 2 independent fibers can be installed, which are coupled to lasers not passing through the Complex Monolithic Optical Combiner (CMO).

Suitable for a Wide Variety of Imaging Techniques and Applications

The LU-NV is the only laser system on the market that can be shared between point scanning confocal, structured illumination super resolution, Gaussian fitting super-resolution, and additional laser techniques such as FRAP, TIRF, photoactivation, and optogenetics, all on the same microscope.

Independent Laser Control and Power Control

Users can adjust each line individually or turn off lines not required for scientific experiments.

An Entire Optical Bench in a Portable Cabinet

The LU-NV packs loads of power into a compact optical bench, without the need for alignment maintenance. In addition, the system includes additional outputs for added flexibility. All reasonably priced for an optical bench with multiple output ports. 

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