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Inverted Microscope System

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Main body
Optical system Infinity-corrected CFI60
Field number*2 22 with C-mount, 25 with F-mount
Intermediate Magnification switching Manual switching of 1.0x/1.5x (exchangeable from 1.5x to 2.0x)
Status detection
Bertrand lens Manual in/out, and manual focus, Status detection
Output port

4 Motorized positions

Eyepiece 100%, left 100%, right 100%, eyepiece 20%/left 80%

(Ti2-E/B: bottom 100%)

4 Manual positions

Eyepiece 100%, left 100%, right 100%, option (to eyepiece

20%/left 80% or eyepiece 20%/right 80%)

Can add ports by use of back port unit and/or choice of tube base unit*3
Focusing unit Motorized drive, Coarse/fine focus changeover, 10mm stroke, Minimum increments: 0.01μm, 0.02μm (with encoder control) Manual drive, Coarse/fine focusing knob, 10mm stroke
Stage up Available*4
Tube body
Binocular tube Binocular S tube TC-T-TS (field number 22), Ergonomic ER tube TC-T-ER (field number 22)
Motorized eyepiece tube base unit for external PH (TI2-T-BP-E) Camera port (field number 16), Motorized PH turret with 4 motorized positions
Assist eyepiece tube base unit (TI2-T-BA) Assist camera (field number 22), Status detection
Eyepiece tube base unit with port (TI2-T-BC) Camera port (field number 16) Camera port (field number 16)
Transmitted illumination
Pillar for transmitted illumination (TI2-D-PD) Condenser vertical stroke: 66mm, Backward tilting up to 25 degrees, With field diagram and refocusing mechanism 2 filter slot positions (4 filter position option is also available with Filter Slider for transmitted illumination (TI2-D-SF))
LED Lamphouse for dia illumination (TI2-D-LHLED) High power LED
Precentered Lamphouse (D-LH/LC) 100W halogen bulb (pre-centered)
Motorized condenser turret (TI2-C-TC-E) 7 motorized positions (ø37mm x4, ø39mm x3), LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported
Intelligent condenser turret (TI2-C-TC-I) 7 manual positions (ø37mm x4, ø39mm x3), Status detection, LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported
Condenser turret (TC-C-TC) 7 manual positions (ø37mm x4, ø39mm x3), LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported
ELWD-S condenser turret (TE-C) 4 manual positions, With ELWD condenser lens (NA0.3/OD65)
HNA condenser slider (TI2-C-SCH) 2 manual positions (ø37mm x1, ø39mm x1), HNA dry lens/HNA oil lens are supported
Condenser lens LWD (W.D.=30mm, NA=0.52), ELWD (W.D.=75mm, NA=0.3), CLWD (W.D.=13mm, NA=0.72), HNA dry (W.D.=5mm, NA=0.85), HNA oil (W.D.=1.9mm, NA=1.3), NAMC (W.D.=44mm, NA=0.4)
Motorized stage (TI2-S-SE-E, TI2-S-SS-E) Stroke X: ±57mm, Stroke Y: ±36.5mm, Max drive speed: approx. 25mm/sec, Magnetic sample holder
Stage (TC-S-SR, TC-S-SRF) Stroke X: ±57mm, Stroke Y: ±36.5mm, Adjustable stroke range (3 levels) with adjusting pin, Long/middle/short handle options available
Gliding stage (TC-S-GS) Stroke ø20mm
Perfect Focus Unit with motorized nosepiece for Auto Correction Collar (TI2-N-NDA-P) 5 motorized positions, Simple waterproof structure
Motorized DIC sextuple nosepiece (TI2-N-ND-E)

Perfect Focus Unit with motorized nosepiece (TI2-N-ND-P)

Perfect Focus Unit with motorized nosepiece for MP (TI2-N-NDM-P)

6 motorized positions, Simple waterproof structure
Intelligent DIC sextuple nosepiece (TI2-N-ND-I) 6 manual positions, Status detection, Simple waterproof structure
Sextuple nosepiece (TI2-N-N), DIC sextuple nosepiece (TI2-N-ND) 6 manual positions, Simple waterproof structure
Epi-filter turret
Motorized epi filter turret (TI2-F-FLT-E, TI2-F-FLTH-E) 6 motorized positions, Motorized shutter
Intelligent epi filter turret (TI2-F-FLT-I) 6 manual positions, Manual shutter, Status detection*5
Filter wheel/shutter
Motorized BA filter wheel (TI2-P-FWB-E) 7 motorized positions, High speed mode: 50ms, Low vibration mode: 100ms (movement time between adjacent positions)
Motorized shutter (NI-SH-E)*6 12ms to open/close
Epi-fluorescence attachment
EPI-FL module (TI2-LA-FL), EPI-FL module for large FOV (TI2-LA-FLL) Supports fiber illuminator; includes 2-position filter slider and aperture diaphragm
Simple EPI-FL attachment (TI2-F-FLS) Supports both fiber illuminator and lamp house; includes 3-position filter slider
Field stop slider Circular (TI2-F-FSC), rectangular (TI2-F-FSR), square (TI2-F-FSS) aperture options
Control unit
Controller, display device Stage joystick (TI2-S-JS), Tablet Tablet
Controller for TI2-E (TI2-CTRE) USB/LAN interface, I/O function
Operating environment
  Temperature: 0℃+40℃, Humidity: 60% RH max. (at +40℃, no condensation), Indoor use only

Motorized accessories have a status detection function
*1 Motorized model with a bottom port
*2 Limitations apply based on objective and filter cube choice, stage-up configuration, and illumination module, etc.
*3 Tube base units with a port cannot be used with Ti2-A
*4 Stage up kit is required. Please contact Nikon.
*5 Status detection cannot be used when attached to the Ti2-U
*6 NI-SH-CON Controller for Motorized Shutter is required for use with the Ti2-A/Ti2-U

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