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Inverted Routine Microscope


Ergonomic and user-friendly inverted microscope ideal for routine microscopy.

Driven by Nikon's acclaimed CFI60 optical system and all-new LED Eco-illumination system*, the TS100 inverted routine microscope produces sharp, brilliantly clear images, while achieving longer working distances and higher numerical apertures. It is ideal for applications such as tissue culture, plaque measurement and blood typing. Used in combination with Narishige manipulators, also available from Nikon, these microscopes can be used for a range of micromanipulation techniques necessary for cyto-engineering, developmental biology and genetic engineering, electrophysiology, pharmacology and neurochemistry.

* Halogen version also available

Product Brochure

Eclipse TS100 Inverted Microscope

TS100 Brochure

download: English (11.97 MB)

Other Literature

  • Biological Microscopes Brochure
    English (17.31 MB)

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