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High content live cell imaging

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High-speed, flexible, automated well plate acquisition, data visualization and analysis.

Nikon Europe has developed, in collaboration with key players in the field Prior scientific and Life Imaging Services, a fully incubated, high content screening platform that enables high speed acquisition for up to 20 well plates. Together with our analysis tools, Nikon enables you to get results from live cells in real time.

LIPSI utilises all the functionality of the Eclipse Ti-2 inverted microscope, including its 25mm field of view and capacity of high speed imaging, while offering modularity and expandability. LIPSI can easily be upgraded with different confocal modalities and accessories to ensure that your platform can evolve with your research needs.

Confluency analysis of a 42hr time-lapse of 3T3 cells. Image courtesy of ETH Zurich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering



Key Features

Increased imaging throughput in an stable environment

42hr time-lapse of 3T3 cells (3 wells different wells). The well plate was loaded/unloaded after each acquisition) Image courtesy of ETH Zurich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering

LIPSI enables 96-well plate imaging in less than a minute while handling your cells in a fully incubated, temperature controlled, stress-free environment at all stages.

Modular and expandable

LIPSI can accommodate a wide variety of objectives lenses, fluorescence filters, cameras and other accessories. Easily upgradable to advanced imaging modalities, LIPSI is ready to meet all your current and future research demands.

Reliable imaging


Nikon’s renowned Perfect Focus System automatically eliminates focus differences between wells or imaging points.

Easy to use acquisition and analysis

Our software includes modules that enable you to image the way you need with just a few clicks. Customize your set ups and analyse your data real time or off line to get the best results without hours of invested training efforts.

Analyze your data

Some analyses, such as cell count, live/dead, are included inside the software. The General Analysis tool allows you to create the most complex analysis extremely easily.

As all the incubator parameters (humidity/CO2/temperature) are registered with every image, it becomes really easy to link the analyses results with the environmental conditions.

Review your images and data analyses results

The JOBS Viewer gives you results in real time for instant visualization and can also be used on offline workstations to analyse images and visualize results after acquisition. Different tools for data visualization such as bar chart, scatterplot, heatmaps, time charts and line charts are included. 

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