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Microscope Camera Control Unit

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Release date: 3/2/2018

Nikon Software License

Nikon Corporation (hereinafter called "Nikon") grants to its customers a license to use this software/firmware that Nikon has created under the following conditions.

1. Grant

Nikon or its licensors owns the copyright for this software/firmware and all rights for commercializing it.

Based on these rights, Nikon grants to its customers the following rights regarding the use of this software/firmware: 

(1) To use this software/firmware on their own, on one computer or one piece of equipment (microscope, digital camera, etc.) that they own (e.g. to input data, store, transfer, or output it).

(2) To make one copy of this software/firmware for backup purposes only.

2. Validity

This license becomes effective when the customer purchases or downloads this software/firmware, and automatically becomes invalid when the customer violates any conditions described herein. When the license becomes invalid, the customer has an obligation to immediately uninstall/discard the software/firmware and its copy.

3. Prohibitions

Customers must not 

(1) make more than one copy of this software/firmware—either in part or whole—onto any media;

(2) alter, modify, reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble the contents (program) of this software/firmware;

(3) resell, distribute, or use this software/firmware over a network;

(4) export this software/firmware and associated items either directly or indirectly; or

(5) do anything other than what is permitted in this description.

4. Disclaimers

Nikon disclaims any responsibility or obligation for any trouble or damage to the customer or any third party that results from the use of this software/firmware. Nikon reserves the right to alter the contents of this software/firmware at any time.

5. Miscellaneous

These conditions of use shall be construed by the laws of Japan.

Any items not stipulated herein or any doubt that arises between the customer and Nikon shall be determined or solved by discussion between the two. The court of jurisdiction regarding the dispute between the two shall be the Tokyo District Court.

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