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Laboratory working conditions and routine usage will eventually affect performance.  Regular service maintenance will highlight any potential problems and keep your microscope operating smoothly.  Our factory trained service engineers can cover all repairs and perform a comprehensive service on all our microscopes.  If you would like to arrange a service visit, please contact Nikon’s head office on the contact details below who will be able to provide you with a quotation.

Tel: 0031-(0)-20-7099-282

To maintain the optimum condition for your microscope, we offer different planned preventative maintenance guides.  These guides offer advice on what simple measures can be taken to ensure your microscope provides you with the best imaging for your samples.

Further to these guides, Nikon offers a range of service agreements.  Our service agreements range in value and content, but all provide first-class servicing with our service engineers.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and would encourage customers to purchase a service agreement at the point of sale to maintain the working condition of their microscope.  Should you wish to purchase a service agreement, please contact the Nikon’s head office, who will provide you with a quotation.

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