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Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

When you receive your goods, please contact Nikon’s head office to arrange your free of charge installation.

Tel: 0031-(0)-20-7099-282

Nikon will raise an installation case under the name of the responsible contact and will outline the type of case with full details. The details of the case number will automatically be emailed to the responsible contact for their reference.   The visit will require a discussion between the visiting Nikon employee and the main user to agree a date for the visit and request any specific details related to the case including:

  • access issues
  • equipment use and requirements
  • room availability and foot traffic
  • parking restrictions
  • training requests
  • paperwork that needs to be completed before arrival on site

Installations are carried out by factory trained service engineers to the highest standard.  Nikon service engineers follow the protocols outlined in our method statement, which can be downloaded here:

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the site management/security personnel are informed of the engineer’s arrival and that the equipment is free for the period requested.

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