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Tissue Culture
growing and maintaining living cells in the laboratory

Growing and maintaining living cells in the laboratory

Reliable cell and tissue culture is required for most biological imaging applications. Nikon’s TS100 tissue culture microscope provides an easy to use, robust system for monitoring your cell culture work. The TS100 can be equipped with fluorescence for screening cells and tissues expressing fluorescent markers. With Nikon’s Digital Sight series cameras and simple touch-screen, standalone camera controller, documentation and sharing of images via the network is easy. For observation and monitoring of cells without disrupting their incubation environment, Nikon provides the Biostation IM-Q and CT systems which house automated image acquisition systems inside an incubator. Using either the Biostation IM-Q or CT, researchers can monitor cell viability, division, and differentiation in their optimal culture conditions. These incubator-microscope systems also reduce the risk of contamination and accidental damage to cells. Nikon’s large zoom range stereomicroscopes also make tissue dissection for isolation of primary cells easy. 

Imaging Challenges

How can I keep my cells alive for long periods of time in live cell imaging?

Light exposure (phototoxicity), temperature and time can affect the longevity of cells. Nikon’s BioStation CT and IM-Q time-lapse imaging incubator systems provide environmentally controlled incubation with integrated and automated microscope imaging – perfect for keeping cells alive over a long period of time.

BioStation CT

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