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the study of anatomy and structure of bone

Osteology is the study of anatomy and structure of bone

Osteological approaches are frequently applied to investigations in disciplines such as vertebrate paleontology, zoology, forensic science, physical anthropology and archaeology. There are a wide variety of optical imaging techniques applicable for the detailed study of the pathology and structure of bones, skeletal elements and calcified tissue using Nikon’s large zoom range stereomicroscopes, the AZ100 multizoom microscope, inverted microscopes, the Eclipse Ti and TS100, Eclipse Ni and Ci upright microscopes, and the polarising microscopes. Nikon’s powerful A1+ / A1R+ confocal laser microscopes and C2+ confocal microscope add to the range of available imaging techniques.

Imaging Challenges

How do I achieve a long working distance?

Working distance is an issue if you are working on matrix -like structures. Nikon’s CFI range of objectives offers long working distance lenses to accommodate a large variety of techniques

CFI Achromat Series

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