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the study of the skin and its diseases

The study of the skin and its diseases

Dermatology is a broad field which includes skin conditions caused by auto immune diseases, various skin cancers and cosmetic procedures, e.g. microdermabrasion. There are parasites or skin diseases that can be easily seen with the naked eye.  However, there are many skin diseases whose diagnosis requires examination at the microscopic level.  Nikon’s ergonomic Eclipse Ci clinical upright microscopes are ideal for examination of specimens taken from the patient’s skin and hair. A number of stains are available that help in the identification of particular cells and cell organelles.  Telepathology/cytology technologies also greatly assist in real-time assessment by pathologists in remote locations, in training, and archiving specimens.  Nikon’s Digital Sight series cameras and DS-L3 imaging system enable clinics to implement telepathology with ease.  Basic research studies pertaining to dermatology and their related diseases can of course benefit from Nikon’s entire range of research imaging systems including tissue culture scopes like the TS100, deep tissue imaging systems such as Nikon’s multiphoton A1R MP+ system, incubator-microscope systems for growing and imaging in vitro skin cultures, and super-resolution imaging systems like the N-SIM and N-STORM.

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