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Nikon @

ESHRE 2018

Jul 1 – 4 CCIB, Barcelona, Spain Booth 460

Start Life with Nikon @ ESHRE 2018

Visit Nikon at ESHRE, Booth 460 and discover how we support you during the ART cycle

Microscopy is essential throughout the ART cycle, enabling the embryologist through every step. During the 34th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), Nikon will showcase its latest solutions for inverted microscopy stations for micromanipulation and stereomicroscopes.  

We will feature our Ti2 and Ts2R inverted microscopes and their excellent optics with Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast (NAMC) and Emboss contrast, which are pivotal to enable the embryologist to see the necessary details to properly perform the diverse techniques used in ART: ICSI, assisted hatching, embryo biopsies…

In addition, we will showcase our stereomicroscopes, which enable you to comfortably monitor your precious samples and select the most promising oocytes for fertilization and embryos for implantation.

Visit us at our booth (#460) and discover more imaging possibilities


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Featured Products


Ti2 Inverted Microscope
with Narishige Manipulators
  Ts2R Inverted microscope
with Takanome Manipulators

SMZ 1270 Stereomicroscope 


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