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PC-Based Control Unit

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PC-based microscope camera control unit offers power, speed, and seamless integration with Nikon's NIS-Elements imaging software suite.

Nikon's Digital Sight DS-U3 microscope camera controller is the successor to the DS-U2. The DS-U3 is specifically designed to interface any of the cameras in the Nikon DS camera line to a PC computer through a FireWire 800 interface. The DS-U3 transmits information at high speed, and eliminates complicated and supports a variety of microscope "C" mountable cameras including the DS-Fi2 , DS-Fi1c , DS-Vi1 , DS-Ri1 and DS-Qi1 Series models.

Key Features

Compact Design

The U3 Controller is contained in a sophisticated, thin, and compact design. Measuring 193 x 196 x 35mm (W x D x H), the U3's small footprint will integrate into any computer setup.

High-speed PC Connection

Features a FireWire 800 device port that can be easily connected with a PC. The USB FireWire 800 device port enables the transfer of image files to a PC over 60% faster than the previous model.

NIS-Elements Imaging Software

NIS-Elements is Nikon's advanced imaging software suite that combines automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, components and peripherals with powerful archiving and analysis tools. It comes in several distinct packages that you can match to your desired use or application. When combined with the DS-U3, NIS-Elements software enables functionality ranging from advanced image analysis to simple image capture.

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