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What’s New in NIS-Elements

The latest version of NIS-Elements Version introduces tools for higher speed computation and image processing, new hardware support and many new options for your data downstream for sharing and publication.

The latest version builds on the core foundations of flexible acquisition tools and easy and directs paths to data through intuitive analysis routines. Nikon aims to provide the research, clinical industrial markets imaging tools that provided unrestricted imaging. We are challenged to create software that our customers can freely design and accomplish their dream experiment!

More Power and More Speed!

  • Live Processing for Denoising and Deconvolution using Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) computing for increased calculation speeds
  • Advanced Denoising post acquisition - GPU supported
  • Multimodal Image Registration - add live and captured images from different sources

Acquisition Freedom-  Tools for Unrestricted Imaging

  • Illumination Sequence enhancements controlling laser line power for flexible triggered laser and LED experimental set up
  • H-TIRF - Ti-LAPP - compatible with triggering and Illumination Sequence
  • TIRF-interface improvements for critical angle and positioning
  • N-SIM and JOBS are now compatible: add SIM-tasks to JOB routines
  • Full Field of View at Nyquist Zoom of the Confocal Scan Area


  • Continuous enhancements: options for acquisition depth and refractive indexes

Data Migration and Compatibility

  • Save images to TIFF with many channel and bit depth options
  • Save multi-dimensional data to Open Microscopy Environment (OME) format
  • Exporting to TIFF for multiple datasets and folders

New Camera Support

  • Princeton Instruments ProEM
  • PCO - Edge Support

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