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Eclipse E100 Educational Microscope

Eclipse E100-LED High Quality, High Value, and Cost Effective Multi-Voltage Right Handed Complete Binocular Microscope Set consisting of:

  • E100 Main body with Built-in Mechanical Stage (Includes Manual, Dust Cover, High Luminescent white LED Illuminator)
  • E2-TB Binocular Eyepiece Tube Anti-Mold 
  • E1-CFI 10X Eyepiece w/diopter adjustment, FN 18mm, (X2)
  • YS-CA ABBE Condenser
  • CFI BE Plan Achro 4X   NA 0.10  WD 25mm
  • CFI BE Plan Achro 10X   NA 0.25  WD 6.7mm
  • CFI BE Plan Achro 40X   NA 0.65  WD 0.6mm
  • CFI BE Plan Achro 100X OIL   NA 1.25 WD 0.14mm

For more information on the Eclipse E100, click here.

*Power cord and immersion oil not included

Orders will ship within 30 days. Offer good in the U.S.A. only.
For quantities greater than 10, please call 1-800-52-NIKON

Eclipse E100 Educational Microscope

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