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Service Advisories

C-HC1 Specimen Holder

C-HC1 Specimen Holder

May 8, 2008

Important Service Advisory on C-HC1 Specimen Holder for Nikon Biological Microscopes


8 May 2008. Nikon recently discovered a defect on the wire of the C-HC1 Specimen Holder that may, in rare occurrences, expose the operator to minor injury. In the interest of safety, Nikon will replace the defective part, free of charge, with an improved design.

Repeated mounting and dismounting of specimen samples may wear or even break the wire on the specimen holder. This broken wire has the potential to cause injury to the hand or finger of the operator. The improved part is available immediately. Nikon is committed to safety and will replace the defective part, free of charge, with one of an improved design.

Product that are involved and need replacement

• Specimen Holder C-HC1 Product # MBC75040

Microscopes that could use this product are:

• Research microscopes ECLIPSE 90i and 80i
• Clinical / Laboratory microscope ECLIPSE 50i and 55i

The C-HC1 short finger specimen holder fits on the following stages

• Product #; MBC71500; MBC71501; MBC75510; MBC71511; MBC71600; MBC71610; MBC71650

For full details or any assistance please contact your nearest official Nikon dealer.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter.

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