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Upright microscope systems to suit virtually any clinical or biological research need.

All Nikon upright microscopes are powered by acclaimed optics that deliver superb images over the entire magnification range. The universal microscope objectives for multi-mode imaging applications, digital capabilities, high N.A.s and long working distances all combine to assist you in carrying out faster, smoother observation sessions no matter what the application.

Eclipse Ni-E

Upright microscope system offering superior optical performance, multi-mode expandability, and advanced motorization capabilities.

Eclipse Ni-U

Highly versatile upright microscope combining system expandability and superior optical performance in an easy-to-use system.

Eclipse FN1

Upright microscope with a fixed stage and focusing nosepiece dedicated to electrophysiological research.

Eclipse LV100 Polarizing

Quantitative polarizing light microscope for research applications.

Eclipse Ci Polarizing

Compact polarizing microscope featuring superb optical performance and ease-of-use.

Eclipse E200 Polarizing

A cost-efficient polarizing microscope incorporating industry-acclaimed CFI60 optics.

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