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Super-Resolution Microscope System

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Application Notes

Quantitative Cluster Analysis Applications for N-STORM

Nikon’s N-STORM super-resolution microscope is applied to mapping the distribution of nucleosomes on chromatin fibers, shining a light on the mechanisms of chromatin folding, gene expression, and pluripotency. Multicolor STORM is used to explore how nucleosome distribution differs between differentiated and pluripotent stem cells and correlates with the distribution of other important factors in replication, such as RNA Polymerase II.

Quantitative analysis tools and correlative imaging applications for N-STORM

Super-resolution techniques have had a significant impact on our understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. However, one of the challenges to their broad utilization has been our limited ability to quantitatively analyze super-resolution images of complex biological tissues. In this Application Note, we highlight recent work by Dudok et al. utilizing Nikon’s N-STORM system to develop new correlative imaging methods and quantitative analysis tools to study the mechanism of cannabinoid signaling in the brain.

N-STORM with DNA-PAINT for Reliable Multicolor & 3D Single Molecule Localization Imaging

DNA-PAINT is a technique for single molecule localization microscopy.  The sample is immunolabeled with specialized secondary antibodies conjugated to short DNA oligomers known as docking strands.  Complimentary oligomers conjugated to fluorophore, known as imaging strands, are introduced in the imaging buffer and will transiently bind to docking strands – allowing single molecules to be localized.  Herein multicolor and 3D DNA-PAINT is demonstrated on the Nikon N-STORM 4.0 system.

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