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Research Stereo Microscope

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Zooming Body

Optical System Parallel-optics type (zooming type), apochromatic optical system
Zoom Manual
Zoom Ratio 18:1
Zoom Range 0.75–13.5x
Aperture Diaphragm Zooming body built-in

Objectives NA, WD (mm)

P2-SHR Plan Apo 2x 0.3, 20 (with a correction ring for water 0 to 3mm in depth)
P2-SHR Plan Apo 1.6× 0.24, 30
P2-SHR Plan Apo 1× 0.15, 60
P2-SHR Plan Apo 0.5× 0.075, 71


Total Magnification (Using 10x eyepieces) 3.75-270x (Depending on objective used)
Eyepieces (F.O.V. mm) C-W 10xB(22) , C-W 15x(16) , C-W 20x(12.5) , C-W 30x(7)
Tubes (Eyepiece/Port)

P2-TERG 100 Trinocular Tilting tube (100/0 : 0/100)

P2-TERG 50 Trinocular Tilting tube (100/0 : 50/50)

Inclination angle : 0°~30°

P2-TL100 Trinocular Tube L (100/0 : 0/100) Inclination angle : 15°

Focus Unit
(Stroke from Objective's parfocal point)

P2-MFU Motorized Focus Unit (Up 96mm/Down 4mm)

P2-FU Focus Unit (Up 97mm/Down 5mm)

Focus Mount Adapter/Nosepiece P2-FM Focus Mount Adapter
P2-RNI2 Intelligent Nosepiece (2 objectives can be attached)
P2-FMDN Focus Mount (for P-PS32 Plan Stand)

P2-PB Plain Base

P2-DBL LED Diascopic Illumination Base (OCC illuminator built-in)

P2-DBF Fiber Diascopic Illumination Base

P-PS32 Plain Stand

P-DSF32 Fiber Diascopic Illumination Stand

P-DSL32 LED Diascopic Illumination Stand

Stages P-SXY64 Stage , C-SSL Dia-sliding Stage , C-TRS Tilting Stage
Epi-Fluorescence Attachments P2-EFLM Motorized Epi Fluorescence Attachment, P2-EFLI Epi Fluorescence Attachment
Epi-Fluorescence Light sources HG Precentered Fiber illuminator Intensilight C-HGFIE HG/C-HGFI HG (130W)
Episcopic Illuminators

P2-FIRL LED Ring Illumination Unit

Use with Fiber light source: P2-CI Coaxial Epi Illuminator , P2-FIR Ring Fiber Illumination Unit

C-FDF Flexible Double Arm Fiber Illumination Unit

Episcopic Light Sources C-FLED2 LED Light source for fiber illuminator
Observation Methods (Episcopic) Coaxial Epi Illuminator, Epi Fluorescence Illuminator, Ring LED Illuminator
(Diascopic) Simple Polarizing observation (with P2-POL Simple Polarizing Attachment),
Dark Field observation (with P-DF LED Dark Field Unit), Oblique light observation
Weight (approx.) 30kg
(Epi Fluorescence Attachment configuration with Trinocular Tilting Tube, Focus Unit, Intelligent Nosepiece, LED DIA base and Objectives 1x and 0.5x)
Power Consumption (approx.) 10W
(Epi Fluorescence Attachment configuration with Trinocular Tilting Tube, Focus Unit, Intelligent Nosepiece and LED DIA base)

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