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Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA)

Nikon Instruments will now offer a Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA) for NIS-Elements. The SUA will cover software updates for one year or more increments. Starting in August 2011, an SUA subscription will provide access to software updates and Version Releases. SUA subscriptions are now available for purchase.

NIS-Elements software is the cornerstone of Nikon Instruments microscope systems. NIS-Elements core functionalities across the product series continues to expand with periodic updates. Frequent updates deliver new features, improve workflow and correct software bugs.

NIS-Elements Core package purchases include the first 12 months of free access to updates and any version releases that occur during this period. The Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA) ensures that you will have the right to use all release core updates and Version upgrades over the course of a one year period following this initial 12 month free warranty period. Please note that all purchased modules such as EDF and deconvolution are automatically covered under the SUA.

Listed below are examples of updates that have occurred within two years of software development in the core product alone, not to mention development that is included in optional add-on modules:

All Packages

  • New Motorized Microscope Control and Interface
  • Improved Excel Export for all NIS-Elements packages
  • Manual Microscope Interface

Confocal and Advanced Research Core Packages

  • A1 Confocal and TIRF in the same experiment
  • Multi-Camera Control
  • Volume Viewer and Movie Maker
  • Kymograph added
  • Integrated Large Image Stitching and EDF
  • High Dynamic Range
  • New Object Catalog
  • Multi-Dimensional Dataset Processing Routines
  • Nested Multi-Dimensional Acquisition Flexibility
  • Updated Tile View, Slice View, Max & Min Projections

Basic Research Core Package

  • Integrating Large Image Stitching and EDF
  • New Object Catalog
  • Updated Tile View, Slice View
  • Multi-Position Overview Interface

Documentation Core Package

  • New options  for Annotation and Measurement
  • New EDF Views and Measurement Options
  • Large Image Stitching- Freeform
  • Multi-Position Overview Interface

What does the SUA include?

The SUA includes access to all updates and Version releases that occur within a 12 month (1 year period) after the initial first 12 month free warranty period. All updates are accompanied by documentation of the contents of the release. It includes core updates and updates to all purchased modules such as Extended Depth of Focus, 2D Tracking, Image Database, etc.

What is the cost of an SUA?

The cost of the SUA is dependent on the NIS-Elements license type. There are different prices based on the license cost of the core Confocal, Advanced Research, Basic Research and Documentation packages. Please use the list of resources at the end of this document for contacting Nikon Instruments for the cost of your SUA.

When does the SUA start for existing customers?

Customers prior to August 2010 will have free access to software updates until August 2011. At this point, an SUA subscription will be needed for access to further Version upgrades and updates.

Does the SUA cover all of my NIS-Elements keys?

The SUA is key/ license specific. If you have three NIS-Elements keys, a separate SUA agreement must be purchased for each of the three keys/ licenses.

I own an AR DUO package, how many SUA plans are needed?

The AR DUO part is considered two licenses. With AR DUO, two separate SUA plans are required.

Do I have access to updates if I do not purchase an SUA?

If you do not have an SUA, you will have access to 12 months of updates (the 12 month period starts when you are shipped the key). After the expiration of the SUA, your current version of software will still function. However, you will be asked to purchase a new one year SUA agreement for each elapsed year.

How can I purchase an SUA?

Contact your local support team for a quote for the SUA. If require contact information of your local support team, please call 1-800-52-NIKON.

What if I already own an NIS-Elements license?

Free upgrades on existing licenses are available until August 2011.

How can I check the expiration of the key and or the SUA?

While running NIS-Elements, open the Help Menu and select ‘HASP Info’ or ‘About.’
Both screens will display the expiration date of the SUA period.

Note: In the case of the NIS-Elements Confocal ( C ) package, software upgrades are linked with hardware firmware updates and are a special consideration. Please contact Nikon Instruments for information about confocal system upgrades.

Contacting Nikon Instruments Inc.

+1-800-52-NIKON (within the U.S.A. only)


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