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Microscope Imaging Software

NIS-Elements HC supports total operation of high-content analysis, from integrated control of Nikon's Eclipse Ti-E motorized inverted microscope and peripheral devices such as well plate loaders and CCD cameras, to image data management. Nikon’s newly developed software interface is specifically designed for imaging multiple points within a well and across a well plate, and works with dedicated automated analysis modules.

Key Features

Speed and Flexibility


High Content Analysis (HCA) System built on NIS-Elements platform streamlines high speed automated well plate acquisition, data review, analysis and management of multiple well plate job runs.

NIS-Elements HC has easy step-through plate configuration paired with interchangeable hardware components for plate handling, autofocusing, quick filter switching and selectable detector choices.



Real-time viewing of data acquisition and analysis progress displays for instant inspection. Multiple analysis assays can be run simultaneously during the imaging phase or run post-acquisition on offline stations.


Plate Heat Maps, images, generated binary masks, assay results, sample labeling and other metadata are centralized for quick filtering, gating and drill down to cellular detail.



Create graphs instantly for data review. Classify, filter, tile, label data points from several different graph types. NIS-Elements offers histogram, scatterplot, bar chart, XY line, classification and gating functions. Easy navigation within the Plate View and export to Excel or bitmap.

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