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Full integration of confocal specific acquisition controls together with advanced image analysis functionality.

NIS-Elements C's dedicated interface for A1+/A1R+, multiphoton confocal microscope A1 MP+/A1R MP+, confocal microscope C2+ and spectral confocal imaging systems addresses all of the various acquisition modalities. The software makes observing live changes and graphing intensity during photobleaching and photoactivation easy with a well-developed and purposeful monitoring interface.

In conjunction with the specific confocal functionality, the NIS-Elements platform has been designed to cover visualization, image analysis, processing and data management. These new features bridge specific confocal applications with the functionality required for data generation and output with exceptional workflow and ease of use. The new Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides for easy instrument setup, experiment work flow and secure data acquisition, storage and analysis.

The software provides maximum and minimum intensity projections over time and Z-axis. Tiled views and volume renderings and rotations are available instantly. NIS-Elements C hosts and extensive range of image processing and analysis methods with techniques such as multiple binary thresholding, automated counting and reporting, 3D Blind Deconvolution, Colocalization, 2-D Object Tracking and Kymograph displays.

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