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Microscope Objective Lenses

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Single objective covers a wide range of magnifications.

16x objective is used in combination with a Nikon Eclipse FN1 microscope and single objective holder.

CFI75 LWD 16xW

The CFI75 LWD 16xW is a water-immersion objective lens with low magnification, high NA and long working distance. This lens, when combined with Nikon's Eclipse FN1 microscope and dedicated magnification module, provides 5.6x, 32x, and 64x magnifications. Because it allows observation from a low magnification wide field to a high magnification, high resolution field with a single objective, the lens is ideal for patch-clamp experiments. With excellent IR transmission, this lens is also suitable for IR-DIC observation and the objective's high NA provides superb image quality in combination with confocal laser microscopes.

In addition, the 2mm field of view (magnification 5.6x) and wide 45º approach angle make manipulator control and positioning extremely easy.

CFI75 Apochromat LWD 25x MP Lens

This lens provides a high numerical aperture of 1.10 while still maintaining a long working distance of 2.0mm. It corrects chromatic aberration up to the near-infrared range and has a ring that corrects chromatic aberrations depending on the depth of the specimen. Together with its 33°manipulator pipette access angle, it is ideal for deep imaging of live specimens using multi-photon excitation and physiology research applications. 

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