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Silicone Immersion Objective Lens

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New silicone immersion objective lens featuring super-resolution imaging of thick specimens and correlative imaging capabilities.

Nikon's new CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil is a high-performance silicone immersion objective lens for super-resolution and multi-modal imaging. This objective provides high numerical aperture and long working distance to enable super-resolution imaging of thick samples as well as correlative imaging with conventional applications such as confocal.

Key Features

Enables High Resolution Imaging of Thick Specimens

The CFI SR HP Plan Apochromat Lambda S 100XC Sil objective is designed for use with Nikon’s new silicone oil to provide high resolution imaging of thick samples. Nikon’s newly developed silicone oil closely matches the refractive index of the specimen to reduce spherical aberration when imaging through thick samples, resulting in bright and clear images. By reducing refractive index mismatch, the new silicone objective lens can significantly enhance the image quality of confocal applications with live specimen. It also achieves excellent viscosity to maintain the immersion liquid during long-term observation and time-lapse imaging.

Optimized for Super-Resolution Microscopy "N-SIM" "N-STORM"

The new silicone immersion objective is compatible with both structured illumination (N-SIM) and single-molecule localization (N-STORM) based super-resolution techniques. It is highly corrected for axial chromatic aberration and supports high laser power transmission. Combined with its high N.A. and long working distance, the objective enables 3D, multi-color super-resolution imaging of thick samples.

Accurate Chromatic Aberration Reduction and High Transmission Rates Across a Broad Spectrum, From UV to Near IR

Chromatic aberration is precision-corrected over a wide wavelength range from visible to ultraviolet. Nikon’s highly acclaimed, proprietary, anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat is utilized to achieve high transmission from UV to near IR wavelengths.

Improves Operability for Multi-Imaging Modalities

The new silicone immersion objective is compatible with confocal systems to enable correlative imaging between confocal and super-resolution techniques. It also eliminates the need to switch objective lenses between N-SIM and N-STORM, providing a seamless workflow between different super-resolution techniques.

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