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Fluor Objectives

Nikon Fluor Series microscope objectives rely on the chromatically superior, proprietary CFI60 infinity optical system, so their performance is on a par with Nikon's legendary Apochromats. These versatile objectives can be used for a variety of techniques and feature exceptionally high ultraviolet transmittance rates and low autofluorescence, for the ultimate in high contrast fluorescence imaging.

CFI Plan Fluor Series

A microscope objective which features an exceptionally high transmission from the ultra-violet to the infra-red, and flatness across the field of view. Ideal for critical fluorescence applications.

CFI Plan Fluor Series for Phase Contrast

Multi-purpose microscope objectives suitable for phase contrast, brightfield, fluorescence, and DIC observations.

CFI Super Fluor Series

Microscope Objective providing exceptional UV transmission, high NAs, and superior chromatic correction. Ideal for CA2+ imaging and caged compound work.

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