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Microscope Objective Lenses

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Microscope objective with the highest numerical aperture, broadest chromatic correction, and a temperature calibrated correction collar to eliminate spherical aberration.

Nikon's CFI Apochromat TIRF Series Objective Lenses have the highest NA available using standard immersion oil and glass coverslips. Thanks to incredibly high NA, when used in TIRF, they provide the shallowest evanescent field possible with oil immersion lenses. Apo TIRF objectives provide chromatic correction from 435nm to an incredible 1064nm. In addition they have terrific IR throughput, facilitating the ability to image and trap single molecules in the same focus plane, as well as make a terrific choice for multi-photon applications. A world-first temperature-change correction ring is included in the 60x and 100x Apo TIRF oil objectives. Users can easily correct temperature-induced changes – from 23° C (room temperature) to 37° C (physiological temperature) – in the refractive index of the immersion oil that can cause spherical aberration.

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