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Monolithic Laser Combiner


A fully integrated laser combiner: permanently aligned and turn-key, ideal for use with Nikon’s Ti-E PFS inverted research microscope or field-scanning confocal systems.

The MLC400 monolithic laser combiner from Keysight Technologies is designed for fluorescence and confocal microscopy research applications. It offers a reliable light source at multiple wavelengths, with minimal downtime for maintenance and alignment because the system leaves the factory aligned, and it stays that way. The result is a laser-based illumination system for cell biology that is stable, reliable and easy-to-use.

System Highlights

  • Monolithic optical assembly
  • Permanent factory alignment
  • Compact size
  • Power guaranteed at fiber tip
  • Angled or flat-tipped fibers available
  • Ultra-quiet with low heat generation

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