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Hg Precentered Fibre Illuminator

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Makes difficult lamp alignment a thing of the past.

The Nikon Intensilight is a pre-centered fiber illumination system featuring a long life lamp that is easy to replace and never needs alignment. Intensilght offers no-flicker, stable light intensity and it can be controlled with Nikon's NIS-Elements software. Typical lamp lifetime is 2000 hours, which is as much as 10x longer than conventional mercury lamps. In addition, the Intensilight's fiber connection means no heat or electrical noise is generated from the lamp and transferred to the microscope body.

Key Features

Precentered Lamp


The use of a precentered lamp and dedicated optical fibers eliminates the need for cumbersome centering and focusing operations, even after the lamp is replaced. Uniform brightness is always ensured.

Reduced Heat and Electrical Noise

Dedicated optical fibers (1.5m, 3m) allow the light source to be placed away from the microscope, reducing heat and electrical noise on the microscope body. This is particularly suited to long-duration fluorescence observation (time-lapse observation) of live cells.

Greatly Increased Brightness for Green Spectrum


At wavelengths of around 450nm to 500nm, brightness is much higher than that of a conventional mercury lamp, making the lamp ideally suited to observation of green fluorescence emission such as from FITC and GFP.

DC Source for Constant Light Intensity


As DC (direct current) sources are inherently less noisy than AC (alternating current) sources, using a DC source in Intensilight results in constant, nonfluctuating light.

Safety Measures

When the lamp replacement cover is open or the optical fibers are not attached, the interlock automatically shuts the light off to protect the user from possible light exposure. Furthermore, when the lamp temperature sensor detects abnormally high temperatures, power is cut to protect the lamp.

Shutter and Light Intensity Control

There are six levels of light intensity to choose from depending on specimen requirements. The shutter allows light to the specimen to be easily shut off without the power being turned off. Therefore, light exposure can be kept to a minimum, which is very useful when observing samples sensitive to photobleaching and phototoxicity.

2000-Hour Life

The lamp lasts an average of 2000 hours, or 10 times longer than conventional mercury lamps. Therefore, replacement costs and microscope down time are greatly reduced.

Motorized Model


The light intensity and shutter can be controlled from an optional dedicated remote controller or a PC running Nikon’s NIS-Elements imaging software. The light intensity and shutter can be programmed for each application and controlled in conjunction with the microscope and peripheral equipment. This enables automatic control during excitation light changeover and observation of multi-stained specimens.

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