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Light Sources

Nikon offers a selection of state-of-the-art laser systems, each powerful and flexible enough to handle the widest array of research applications. Nikon also offer a selection of microscope illuminators for its systems, each catering to specialized application requirements. Whether it's an advanced, pre-centered illuminator ideal for fluorescence applications or a coaxial system for stereomicroscopy, Nikon has a solution for a broad variety of imaging needs.

LU-NV Laser unit

New solid state laser system, requiring no calibration or alignment, and features up to 8 wavelengths and 5 output ports.

LU-N3/LU-N4 Laser Units

Breakthrough microscope laser technology, requiring no alignment and guaranteed power at the fiber tip.

Intensilight Epi-fluorescence Illuminator

A new pre-centered mercury fiber illuminator for epi-fluorescence boasting a typical lamp lifetime of 2000 hours.


Spectra X

Lumencor Spectra X Light Engine:  Multi-spectral solid-state excitation source.



Lumencor Sola Light Engine:  Stable and cost-effective solid-state white light excitation source.

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