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Inverted Microscope System

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Main body Port

Ti-S: 2 ports

 Eyepiece 100%, eyepiece 20%/left 80%***

 Ti-S/L100: 2 ports

 Eyepiece 100%, left 100%***

 Manual optical path switching

Two ports (tube base unit with side port, back port) can be added optionally

Via nosepiece up/down movement

 Stroke (manual): up 8mm, down 3mm

 Coarse stroke: 5.0mm/rotation

 Fine stroke: 0.1mm/rotation

 Minimum fine reading: 1µm

Intermediate magnification
Eyepiece tube Eyepiece tube body TI-TD Binocular Tube D, TI-TS Binocular Tube S, TI-TERG Ergonomic Tube
Eyepiece tube base TI-T-B Eyepiece Tube Base Unit, TI-T-BPH Eyepiece Tube Base Unit for PH, TI-T-BS Eyepiece Tube Base Unit with Side Port
Eyepiece lens CFI 10x, 12.5x, 15x
Illumination pillar TI-DS Diascopic Illumination Pillar 30W, TI-DH Diascopic Illumination Pillar 100W
Condenser ELWD condenser, LWD condenser, NAMC condenser, ELWD-S condenser, High NA condenser, Darkfield condenser, CLWD condenser
TI-ND6-E Motorized Sextuple DIC Nosepiece, TI-N6 Sextuple Nosepiece, TI-ND6 Sextuple DIC Nosepiece
Objectives CFI60 objectives

TI-S-ER Motorized Stage with Encoders, TI-S-E Motorized Stage—Cross travel: X110 × Y75 mm, Size: W400 × D300 mm (except extrusions)

 TI-SR Rectangular Mechanical Stage, TI-SR/F Rectangular Stage with front positioned knob, TI-SSR Short-handle Rectangular Stage-Cross travel: X70 x Y50mm, Size: W310 x D300mm

 TI-SP Plain Stage—Size: W260 x D300 mm

 TI-SAM Attachable Mechanical Stage—Cross travel: X126 × Y84 mm when used with TI-SP Plain Stage

Motorized functions
Epi-fluorescence attachment

Sextuple fluorescence filter cube rotating turret, Filter cubes with noise terminator mechanism, Field diaphragm centerable, 33mm ND4/ND8 filters, 25mm heat absorbing filter

 Option: Motorized sextuple fluorescence filter cube rotating turret, Motorized excitation filter wheel, Motorized barrier filter wheel

Nomarski DIC system

Contrast control: Senarmont method (by rotating polarizer)

 Objective side prism: for individual objectives (installed in nosepiece)

 Condenser side prism: LWD N1/N2/NR (Dry), HNA N2/NR (Dry/Oil) types

Weight (approx.)

Phase contrast set: 29.6kg

 Epi-fl set: 33.4kg

Power consumption (max.) Full set (with HUB-A-U and peripherals): approx. 40W

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