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Inverted Microscopes

Nikon inverted microscopes are industry leaders; renowned for optical quality, flexibility, modularity, ease of use, ergonomics, and mechanical precision. Each is highly versatile and capable of producing brighter, higher contrast, aberration-free images, thanks to the power and range of proprietary Nikon optics.


Eclipse Ti2

All-new inverted research microscope featuring never-before-achieved FOV imaging capacity.

Eclipse Ts2R

A compact inverted research microscope configurable with a wide variety of observation methods

Eclipse Ts2

Nikon's inverted routine microscope featuring a compact footprint, newly developed contrast observation method and improved operability.

Eclipse Ti-E

Advanced inverted microscope system offering unprecedented functionality, including built-in Perfect Focus and high-speed motorization.

Eclipse Ti-U

Universal inverted microscope that can be configured for use with motorized components.

Eclipse Ti-S

Nikon's basic inverted microscope with two built-in imaging ports that can be dedicated to specific tasks.

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