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High Content Analysis

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High-speed automated well plate acquisition, data review and analysis.

Nikon's new High Content Microscope system pairs the Eclipse Ti inverted microscope with NIS-Elements HC Software to provide a dedicated interface for high content acquisition and analysis routines, built on an integrated database for seamless data management and processing.

This system incorporates all of the functionality of the Ti Perfect Focus microscope with interchangeable options for high-speed piezo-based autofocusing, plate handling, solid state light source and fast wavelength switching as well as the full range of NIS-Elements camera model support. In addition, magnification and fluorescence filters are exchangeable, extending the imaging possibilities and experimental assay design options.

Key Features

Speed and Flexibility


Nikon's High Content (HC) Analysis System, built on the NIS-Elements platform, streamlines high speed automated well plate acquisition, data review, analysis and management of multiple well plate job runs. NIS-Elements HC Analysis System has easy step-through plate configuration paired with interchangeable hardware components for plate handling, autofocusing, quick filter switching and selectable detector choices.


Real-time viewing of data acquisition and analysis progress displays for instant inspection.

Multiple analysis assays can be run simultaneously during the imaging phase or run post-acquisition on offline stations.


HCA Analysis

Plate Heat Maps, images, generated binary masks, assay results, sample labeling and other metadata are centralized for quick filtering, gating and drill down to cellular detail.

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