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Confocal Microscope System

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Point scanning confocal microscope system offering faster scanning, powerful new features and vastly expanded spectral imaging capabilities.

Built on a reputation of incredible stability coupled with superior optical technologies, the C2+ with its host of functions and various analytical capabilities is the perfect tool for a new microscope, or as a new accessory to a Nikon imaging system. Now fully controlled by NIS-Elements imaging software, the system includes four channel confocal fluorescence imaging, and vastly expanded spectral capabilities with the ability to capture and unmix data acquired at any channel resolution across the entire detector bandwidth.

Key Features

High Efficiency Scanning Heads and Detectors


The C2+ fits all Nikon microscopes with the smallest scan head footprint on the market. The system employs high precision mirrors and optically ideal circular pinholes, enabling noiseless, high contrast and high quality confocal imaging. The spectral detector of the C2+ enables high speed imaging using simultaneous quantitative 32-channel acquisition. Signal loss has been minimized while imaging of fluorescence spectra in real colors is possible by host of innovations for accurately correcting spectral data.

High Performance Optics

Lambda Optics

CFI Apo 40xWI λS, NA1.25 (left)
CFI Apo LWD 40xWI λS, NA1.15 (middle)
CFI Apo 60x Oil λS, NA1.4 (right)

 CFI λ Apochromat S Series

These high NA objectives are ideal for confocal imaging with correction of chromatic aberrations over a wide wavelength range, from ultra violet to infrared. Transmission is increased through the use of Nikon’s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat technology.

Enhanced Spectral Imaging

Acquisition of a 32-channel spectral image (512 x 512 pixels) with a single scan in 0.6 second is possible. Moreover, 512 x 32-pixel images can be captured at 24 fps.

Accurate, High-speed Unmixing

Accurate spectral unmixing provides maximum performance in the separation of closely overlapping fluorescence spectra and the elimination of autofluorescence. Superior algorithms and high-speed data processing enable real time unmixing during image acquisition.



High Definition Diascopic DIC Imaging


The C2+ handles simultaneous 3-channel fluorescence or simultaneous 3-channel and diascopic DIC observation. High quality DIC images and fluorescence images can be superimposed to aid in image analysis such as locating fluorescence labels.

Increased flexibility and ease of use

NIS-Elements C control software enables integrated control of the confocal imaging system, microscope and peripheral devices with a simple and intuitive interface. Diverse reliable analysis functions are also available.

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