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Macro Confocal Microscope System


AZ100 optical zoom 1-8x (zoom ratio 8 : 1)
C2+ confocal scan zoom 1x-1000x (continuous variable)
Stand AZ-STE EPI stand/AZ-STD DIA stand

Focus range: 85 mm stroke

Coarse focus: 18.5 mm/rotation

Fine focus: 3.27 mm/rotation

Stage focus: 10 mm range with 0.27 mm/rotation
Under software control with remote focus accessory

Objective AZ-Plan Apochromat 0.5x (NA 0.05/W.D. 54 mm), AZ-Plan Apochromat 1x (NA 0.1/W.D. 35 mm), AZ-Plan Fluor 2x (NA 0.2/W.D. 45 mm), AZ-Plan Apochromat 4x (NA 0.4/W.D. 20 mm), AZ-Plan Fluor 5x (NA 0.5/W.D. 15 mm)
Laser light source Laser wavelength options 440 nm,488 nm
Ar laser (457nm,477nm488nm,514nm),
543 nm/561nm/594nm
Maximum number 4
Laser control options AOM/AOTF/manual
Laser shutter Motorized mechanical shutter (each laser)
Standard fluorescence detector Number of channels C2si+: 3 channels, C2si+ Ready: 3 channels, C2+: 2 channels/3 channels
Display mode 160 x 160 to 2048 x 2048 pixels
Scanning speed Standard mode:2 fps (512 x 512 pixels, bi-direction)
Fast mode:8 fps (512 x 512 pixels, bi-direction)
Spectral detector (C2si+) Number of channels 32 channels
1st dichroic mirror 20/80 beam splitter
Corresponding wavelength 400-750 nm
Wavelength resolution 2.5/5/10 nm (switchable)
Minimum wavelength step 0.25 nm
Display mode 160 x 160 to 1024 x 1024 pixels
Scanning speed Standard: 0.5 fps (512 x 512 pixels, 32 channel simultaneous recording )

Confocal system (PC, monitor, C2+ controller, AOM controller): Approx. 830 W (single phase AC 115 V, 7.2 A / AC 230 V, 3.6 A, with earth)

(Does not include microscopes and lasers.)

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