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Macro Laser Confocal


Confocal imaging system for high-definition macro acquisition.

Combining the AZ100 Multizoom and C1 Confocal Microscope, Nikon has designed the ultimate platform for in vivo imaging. Ideal for developmental biology, cell biology, stem cell and tissue research, the AZ-C1 macro confocal microscope system allows the researcher to view large specimens in confocal mode. The AZ-C1 can not only capture fields of view of larger than 1cm, but also permits deeper confocal imaging than conventional microscopes thanks to its large working distance objectives. Whole organisms can be monitored and documented over time (for example, embryos) offering a wealth of continuous information on development or the organism’s response to experimental variables.

Product Brochure

AZ-C1 Brochure

AZ-C1 Brochure

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