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Micromanipulator Systems

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Combining ease of operation with the utmost in precision to handle a variety of micromanipulation tasks.

Nikon and Narishige developed this high precision, compact micromanipulator system in response to increasing demand from the IVF/ICSI market. Whatever the application – IVF (in-vitro fertilization), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), electrophysiology, or biotechnology – the NT88-V3 and other high quality micromanipulation equipment from Nikon will meet the task.

Key Features

NT-88 Micromanipulator Systems

  • Compact design results in reduced distance from manipulator mount to microelectrode tip thereby increasing stability.
  • Hanging type joystick provides superior ergonomics and operability.
  • Smooth movement without microelectrode drift.
  • Modified mounting direction of the universal joint facilitates pipette attachment and removal.Angle gauge incorporated in the universal joint ensures repeatable and accurate-angle electrode and pipette orientation.
  • Combined 3D motor-drive coarse manipulator and 3D oil-hydraulic fine manipulator for increased stability.
  • Equipped with microelectrode return mechanism for easy petri dish changing.

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