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Micromanipulation System

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The world's most advanced micromanipulation system.

Integra 3™ Overview (1:58)

Following the announcement of Nikon entering into an exclusive distribution agreement with Research Instruments Ltd., Nikon is pleased to introduce the Integra 3 Micromanipulation System.

Integra 3™ is an integrated micromanipulation, heated stage system designed for precise and intuitive control of the most precious of specimens – human oocytes and embryos. Due to its ease of use and versatility, Integra 3 is equally suited for research applications including mouse and other animal egg injections in University, Biotech and Pharma transgenic facilities.

Key Features

Precise and Intuitive Control


Integra utilizes the time-tested and reliable technology of mechanical micromanipulation for oocyte holding and precision injection. No longer does the embryologist have to worry about oil leakage from a hydraulic system or jumpy movement caused by stepper motors moving in XY direction only. Mechanical micromanipulators offer the most reliable mechanism with the most precise and natural control over pipette movement.

Thermosafe™ Ultimate Thermal Control

Thermosafe is an integral heating system that helps to keep samples at the optimum temperature. It emits warm air towards the Petri dish precisely and uniformly. The result of this is a fail-safe guarantee, with no more cold spots, no more hot spots and no more ambiguity. There is also a stage temperature health indicator light to reassure you that the integrated heated stage is functioning correctly.

Utilizing three different, independently set and monitored heating zones, thermal stability is precisely controlled. In addition to an inner and outer thermal stage control, warm air is gently moved over the microscope objectives to heat the area below the specimen to eliminate thermal change when changing between objectives. There is also a stage temperature health indicator light to reassure that the integrated heated stage is functioning as per the users setting. A flashing light indicator and audible alarm are triggered if the temperature at the specimen drops below the desired temperature by as little as 0.1° C.

Thermal images, above and below, display the cooling effect of the objective in the centre of the dish with and without Thermosafe™.

Dish surface when placed on market leading glass ITO without Thermosafe™ Dish surface when placed on heated metal plate without Thermosafe™

Without Thermosafe™

Market leading glass ITO insert with objective

With Thermosafe™

RI heated metal insert with Thermosafe™ air heating system with objective

Color Touch Screen

Large Touch Screen

Large Touch Screen

A large 100mm x 150mm liquid crystal display is standard with the system which allows the embryologist to set and check temperature, track time with a stopwatch and count the number of injections done. The electronic height gauges track the vertical movement of the fine controller to help ensure the user is working in the center of travel and not running out of movement at the lower and higher extremes.

Quick Pipette Set-Up


Speed is of the essence when working in the IVF lab. Thanks to RI’s advanced mechanical design, pipette changes and angle adjustment can be made in seconds thereby transforming the efficiency of a lab overnight.

Motion-Triggered LED Light

A bright LED light shines on the objectives which is motion activated when a hand reaches for the nosepiece. This allows for quick and accurate objective changes.


The Integra 3™ includes two SAS air syringes as standard. These syringes offer superb control and eliminate the need for oil. Also available is the SAS-SE for superfine air control or our SOS oil syringe with a quick fill feature for minimum set-up time.

SAS-SE Air Syringe SOS Oil Syringe SAS Air Syringe

RI Viewer™ Software

Ri Software

Integra 3 can be used as a standalone micromanipulator system or if connected to a computer, RI Viewer Software offers line measurement tools and a built-in simulator for training and demonstration purposes. Camera, c-mount and suitable PC/monitor are required.

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