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Nikon Symposia

Nikon Symposia is the third branch in the Nikon Instrument Support Structure for the Scientific Community. Together with the Nikon Imaging Centre and Nikon Centre of Excellence collections, the Symposia brings together the best scientists for specific applications and techniques, to ensure Nikon always meets the needs of our customers and exceed expectations by being at the forefront of research and development. Your local representative will be able to advise when the Symposia will be in your region! If you have any requests for Symposia in your area please visit our Contact Page and send us your idea!


November 16 – 18

Symposium Hannover

Hannover, Germany

October 28 – 29

Symposium Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

September 22 – 24

Symposium Charité

Berlin, Germany

June 2 – 3

International Meeting on Advanced Microscopy

Moscow State University, Russia


October 1 – 3

30. Symposium on Mechanisms of Gene Regulation

Düsseldorf, Germany

April 2 – 3

Advanced microscopy techniques in life sciences

Hamburg, Germany

March 11 – 12

Microscopy Across Scales

Dresden, Germany

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