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University of Amsterdam


Nikon Instruments Europe has partnered with the University of Amsterdam to open a new Center of Excellence in Super Resolution microscopy development.  The Center of Excellence is a state-of-the-art facility, enabling research across a broad range of disciplines.

Area of Expertise

Nikon has had a long standing relationship with the University of Amsterdam, in particular with Dr Erik Manders, Associate Professor, who developed the Nikon Licensed technology, Controlled Light Exposure Microscopy (CLEM). Dr Manders works in the field of advanced microscopy, focusing on the development of microscopy technology for live-cell imaging. In recent times, Nikon was part of the consortium that was successful in winning a Perspectief Stichting Technische Wetenschappen (STW) grant for nanoscopy.

The Center allows all interested research groups the opportunity to use cutting edge imaging systems to further enhance their research and facilitate their science, while encouraging the development of new applications and super resolution techniques. The center will also be able to feedback technological improvements to Nikon Instruments, enabling the company to further enhance its systems.



Systems Available

A1Rsi with a Ti-E Inverted Microscope

The A1si is a powerful point scanning confocal microscope system suitable for a broad range of applications, particularly spectral resolution and rapid imaging. The A1R comes equipped with a unique hybrid scan head, incorporating both an ultra high-speed resonant scanner and a high-resolution galvano scanner, enabling simultaneous bleaching/photoactivation and acquisition. The enhanced spectral imaging capabilities feature acquisition of a 32-channel spectral image (512 x 512 pixels) with a single scan in 0.6 second. 512 x 32-pixel images can be captured at 24 fps.


N-STORM Localization-based Super-resolution Microscope

N-STORM is a super-resolution microscope system that combines “STochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy” technology and Nikon's Eclipse Ti research inverted microscope. The N-STORM super-resolution microscope provides dramatically enhanced resolution that is 10 times that of conventional optical microscopes and enables molecular level understanding.

A1R Confocal with Ti-E Inverted Microscope

Capturing high-quality confocal images at ultrahigh-speed and enhanced sensitivity with a resonant scanner and galvano scanner, Nikon's A1R is a powerful tool for the imaging and visualization of intracellular dynamics and interaction. The system comes equipped with a unique hybrid scan head incorporating both an ultra high-speed resonant scanner and a high-resolution galvano scanner, enabling simultaneous bleaching/ photoactivation and acquisition.


C2+ Confocal Microscope with Ti-E Inverted Microscope

Built on a reputation of incredible stability coupled with superior optical technologies, the C2 includes four channel confocal fluorescence imaging, and vastly expanded spectral capabilities with the ability to capture and unmix data acquired at any channel resolution across the entire detector bandwidth. The system is fully controlled by NIS-Elements imaging software.

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