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the surgical & medical diseases of the male & female urinary tract system & male reproductive organs

Mouse testes (400x). Image courtesy of Patrick Taulman & Albert Tousson, University of Alabama, High Resolution Imaging Facility, Alabama, USA

Branch of medicine that focuses on the surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs

A major spectrum of the conditions managed in urology exists under the domain of genito-urinary medicine. Nikon’s ergonomic Eclipse Ci clinical upright microscopes and POL polarising microscopes offer an important diagnostic tool that enables the rapid detection and treatment of urinary tract infections, urinalysis and the diagnosis and staging of cancers from biopsy material. In reproductive medicine and infertility studies, Nikon’s Eclipse Ci and Ni upright microscopes, Eclipse Ti and TS100 inverted microscopes, AZ100 Multizoom upright zoom microscope and high zoom SMZ stereomicroscopes offer the advantage of high N.A. objectives with long working distances and heated stages. The management of cancers is increasingly concerned with understanding the formations, actions and interactions between the processes inside a cell and signalling between cells. Advanced imaging of tissues, single cells and even single molecules can be carried out with ease on Nikon’s Eclipse Ti inverted microscope, the Eclipse Ni-E upright microscope, the AZ100 Multizoom microscope and the powerful A1+/A1R+ confocal microscopes and A1 MP+ multiphoton microscope and Nikon’s super-resolution microscopes, N-SIM and N-STORM enable visualisation at nanoscopic levels. Nikon also offers large zoom-range stereomicroscopes and a multizoom AZ100 microscope for macro-imaging.

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