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the study of the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye

Image Credit: Dr. Michael John Bridge

Ophthalmology, the study of the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye

The field of ophthalmology as with other branches of medicine extends from clinical examination, diagnosis and treatment to basic research efforts to understand the structure, function, development and disease of the eye.  There are increasing advances in translational research bridging basic research with potential clinical treatment of eye-related diseases.  Nikon’s suite of imaging systems aid the range of clinical to basic research studies.  For example, studies involving retinal explants and transplants benefit from Nikon’s powerful confocal and multiphoton microscopes that provide live-cell, volume imaging in multiple colors and deep tissue penetration.  Spectral imaging enables flexible fluorophore choices and reduction of autofluorescence in tissue samples.  Studies into the potential of stem cells in treatment of eye diseases can also harness the power of various Nikon microscopes, from tissue culture to advanced live cell imaging and super-resolution.  Incubator-style microscopes like Nikon’s Biostation CT and IM-Q may aid in efforts to generate retinal tissue in vitro.

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