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branch of medicine that deals with cancer

Image Credit: Dr. Paul D. Andrews

Oncology, the branch of medicine that deals with cancer

Changes in tissue structure can be indicative of cancers and is valuable for diagnosis and staging disease. Many of these changes can be observed in biopsy preparations using Nikon’s new ergonomic Eclipse Ci clinical upright microscopes. Telepathology /cytology technologies also greatly assist in real-time assessment by pathologists in remote locations, in training, and archiving specimens. Nikon’s Digital Sight series cameras and DS-L3 imaging system enable clinics to implement telepathology with ease. Research in the field of oncology involves understanding the molecular and cellular basis of cancer. Nikon provides a suite of imaging tools that can aid in not only diagnosis but in understanding the fundamentals of cancer and development of treatments.  The range of imaging tools includes tissue culture microscopes, upright and inverted microscopes for advanced, multimodal imaging, the Eclipse Ni and Ti, the Eclipse Ci upright microscope, the AZ100 Multizoom upright zoom microscope, large zoom range stereomicroscopes, powerful confocal and multiphoton microscopes and super-resolution microscopes that enable imaging at the nanoscale level. Nikon also offers incubators with integrated microscopes, the Biostation CT and IM-Q, for long term microscopic monitoring of cells and tissues in optimal culture environments. In addition, Nikon’s high content  screening system provides automated image acquisition and analysis of large quantities of samples to quickly identify drug targets as well as the effects of drugs at the individual cell level.   

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