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Water Treatment & Research
water quality and its management

The quality of water and wastewater is essential to maintain public health. Chemical, physical and biological analyses are all used in the evaluation of water quality in treatment processes for municipal, agricultural and industrial water and wastewaters. Biological methods are used to detect and identify a broad spectrum of microorganisms, biofilms and other harmful physical contaminants. There are a wide variety of optical imaging techniques applicable using Nikon’s Eclipse Ti inverted microscope, Eclipse Ci and Ni upright microscope range, the Eclipse LV100 polarising microscope, the AZ100 Multizoom multipurpose zoom microscope or any of the high zoom SMZ stereomicroscopes.

Imaging Challenges

How can I improve resolution and contrast when using DIC?

Samples such as cryptosporidium require DIC, but you can encounter challenges when also labelling with fluorescence (green and blue). Nikon’s microscopes, such as the AZ100 multizoom, offer superior DIC giving high resolution and image quality


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