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Pharmaceutical Sciences
target identification in drug discovery and the formulation of a drug compound

Associated Products

Eclipse LV100 Polarizing

Quantitative polarizing light microscope for research applications.

Eclipse Ti-E

Advanced inverted microscope system offering unprecedented functionality, including built-in Perfect Focus and high-speed motorization.

HCA High Content Analysis System

Fully integrated high content solution for rapid image acquisition, review databasing, and analysis.


Breakthrough new stereomicroscope optics deliver the world's highest zoom ratio of 25:1, higher resolution and brighter fluorescence images.


All-new zoom stereomicroscope featuring an 18:1 zoom ratio, advanced optical performance and incredibly bright fluorescence at an affordable price.

NIS-Elements HC

NIS-Elements HC supports total operation of high-content analysis, from integrated microscope control and peripheral devices such as well plate loaders and CCD cameras, to image data management.

AZ100 Multizoom

A unique zoom microscope solution for macro imaging applications for biomedical and industrial markets.

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