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Diagnostic Kit Manufacturing
the manufacture and quality control of diagnostic kits

Manufacture and quality control of diagnostic kits

Diagnostic kits have many applications including protein analysis and characterisation, SNP genotyping, drug candidate screening, chemical synthesis, and the analysis of clinical samples. There are hundreds of different diagnostic kits available for the research, in vitro diagnostics and blood screening markets. Production includes not only reagents for a variety of diagnostic platforms and  the microarray screening components, but can also integrate biological and / or chemical analysis with silicon chip technology for miniaturisation. This allows multiple analyses to be carried out in parallel, making the technology ideally suited to high throughput screening, as well as overcoming problems associated with limited sample availability, waste and reagent disposal. Manufacture must comply with GMP procedures; microscopic inspection of all materials is a key quality control tool. The Nikon AZ100 Multizoom upright microscope, Eclipse polarizing microscopes and SMZ1270i/1270, SMZ800N, SMZ18 and SMZ25 zoom stereomicroscopes are all ideal to verify correct patterning and alignment, and to ensure that there are no contaminating particles or flaws in the chip or other kit components.

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