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Neuroscience 2017

Nov 11 – 15 Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, USA Booth 2422

Visit Nikon at Neuroscience 2017, Booth 2422

SfN's 47th annual meeting is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. At the meeting this year, Nikon Instruments feature state-of-the art super-resolution, multiphoton, and confocal systems configured for neurobiology applications.

Featured Products

  • New Open Architecture Multiphoton for Intravital Imaging

    • Flexible configuration for custom intra-vital imaging
    • High-Definition 1K-resonant scanner (for ultra-high speed, high-resolution imaging)
    • 8.2 mm working distance, 1.0 N.A. 20xC Glyc objective for cleared tissue applications
  • New Optogenetics with Confocal Imaging

    • Simultaneous stimulation of multiple ROIs for neuronal control
    • Point-scanning or spinning disk confocal to capture neuronal response
    • Multiple microscope body and staging options to fit your application needs
  • New N-STORM 5.0 Single Molecule Super-Resolution

    • Powerful molecule data visualization and analysis tools
    • Fully customizable illumination sequence capability
    • Single molecule resolution in 3D with Z-stacking
    • Silicone objective lens for deep single-molecule imaging
  • New N-SIM Structured Illumination Super-Resolution

    • Two-fold improvement in resolution in 3D
    • 4x larger field of view than traditional SIM
    • Easy correlation with other imaging modalities such as confocal
    • Gentle illumination for live-cell super-resolution imaging
    • Silicone objective lens for deeper and multi-modal imaging
  • New Ti2 Inverted Microscope for Large FOV Imaging

    • Ultra-wide 25mm FOV
    • 4th Generation PFS for Perfect Focusing
    • Super-stable platform and Z-drive for nanoscale imaging
    • Automatic Correction Collar for perfect point spread functions
    • Accessible back-aperture for laser alignment
  • Flexible LAPP Illuminators for Multimodal Imaging

    • Modular illuminators to flexibly combine multi-angle TIRF, FRAP, and Optogenetics with super-resolution, confocal and multi-photon
  • High-Performance Macro Imaging Solutions

    • AZ100 for high-resolution, high-contrast, on-axis imaging. Easily combine with confocal for macro-confocal imaging
    • SMZ25/18 for high-resolution stereoscope imaging with world’s largest zoom ratio
  • Nikon Glass

    • Learn about Nikon’s glass manufacturing process

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